Bad Bruises Commandments


We would like to share our BAD BRUISES COMMANDMENTS and clarify a few things with our delicious guests. 

Thou shalt not touch another person's flesh without direct and clear consent

Thou Shalt not disturb other guests without clear and direct consent (this means solo wanking, touching, edging in etc)

Thou shalt not steal any of the sets, installations or another person belongings

Thou shalt not take GHB or use it without anyone's knowledge

Thou shalt not fight or be aggressive towards other guests or performers 

Thou shalt not consume more than they can manage, pace yourself, take care

Thou shalt keep an eye on their friends, fellow guests. Support each other, reach out. Is everyone okay? And is everyone having a good time?

Thou shalt ALWAYS ask permission before intruding into any play

Thou shalt take a break and drink water off dance floors

Thou shalt be loving, be caring, be safe

Thou shalt not take what doesn't to be given, or give what doesn't want to be taken. CONSENT. 

Respect each other, be kind, be friendly, be open and be free. Please, we urge you not to come to our events if you feel any of the above do not apply

Go forth and enjoy. But please, please, make sure the enjoyment is shared equally.

We have a ZERO tolerance to any form of discrimination. We are open  to all forms of love and expression and we wish all our guests feel welcome in our world.


Is Bad Bruises a Fetish Event?

We are a sex positive immersive theatre event, we follow strong adult themes mixed with a sex positive mentality. We encourage consensual play and experimentation. We absolutely allow all forms of consensual exploration and would describe ourselves as open to everything, as long as everyone involved is having fun

Do we have to wear a costume?

ABSOLUTELY yes! It is imperitive that guests wear costumes. You are the key to these magical nights, you have to and absolutely NEED to dress up and join in. No costume, No Entry. No refunds.

Are there playrooms?

At some of our events we have specified play areas others we leave it up to our wonderful guests to explore the spaces and each other. We always ensure there is at least a couple of 'play' areas. But we cannot always guarantee a dungeon etc.

Can I come and expect a guaranteed fuck?

Not a chance. Skip on! And these are not the parties for you.

Any more queries feel free to get in touch

 or use our form through the site.

Be Free, be fabulous. We love you.